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Research : 

HDBR - MRC Wellcome Trust Human Developmental Biology Resource

An ongoing collection of human foetal material from 4 to 14 weeks of development available to the scientific community. Jointly run by the Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University and the Institute of Child Health, University College London

Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project (EMAP)

A digital atlas of mouse development and gene expression database run by the MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh

Making Visible Embryos

An online exhibition looking at the history of the depiction of embryos and the developing foetus in Western society

Kyoto collection of human embryos

A large collection of human embryos containing views of the mid-sagittal planes selected from 3D MR microscope image datasets

Allen Brain Atlas

An atlas of the developing mouse brain with gene expression data.  Also contains some gene expression data for the human cortex

Human Developmental Anatomy Centre

Overview of developmental stages with images and videos

The Human Brain Atlas Project

Histological and gene expression data from the developing human brain

The Virtual Human Embryo

A digital image database of serially sectioned human embryos from the Carnegie Collection


An interactive brain atlas of several species including human and Rhesus macaque

NIH Neuroscience Research

Tools. resources and training for neuroscience research

Virtual Embryo

Gives access to resources for research and learning, including a developmental biology tutorial

The Visible Embryo

A guide through foetal development from fertilisation through pregnancy to birth

National Centre for Microscopy and Imaging Research

Based at the UCSD, provides 3D imaging and analysis technologies for biomedical researchers at a cellular level

The Visible Human Project

Anatomically detailed 3D representations of the male and female body using transverse CT, MR and cryosection images.

Multi Dimensional Human Embryo

3D image references of human embryos based on MRI

UNSW Embryology 

University of New South Wales' educational resource for learning concepts in embryological development 

UNC Embryo Images Online

Kathy Sulik's pages at UNC: a series of teaching slides with animations on different sections of the developing embryo


Research Networks and Biobanks:


International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility - coordinates international activities in neuroscience and related fields

BIRN Coordinating Centre

Biomedical Informatics Research Network - a virtual community of shared biomedical resources encouraging advancements through new information technologies, data sharing and research collaboration

BrainNet Europe

A consortium of brain banks within Europe and the UK

UK Biobank

A national and international health resource


A network of biobanks that stores and distributes DNA, cell and tissue smples for scientists conducting research on rare disease




Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Society for Neuroscience

American Association of Anatomists

International Society of Developmental Biologists

British Neuroscience Association

Society for Developmental Biology