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The training courses and workshops listed on this page are run by individual members of the HUDSEN network.  Please contact them directly for information. 

International Summer School in Functional Genomics


VII Course on Mouse Neuro-Morphologic Development : 28-31 January 2010

Language: English

Teaching staff:
                      L.Puelles                            (Univ.Murcia Sch.Med.)
                      M.Martínez-de-la-Torre     (Univ.Murcia Sch.Med.)
                      P.Aroca                              (Univ.Murcia Sch.Med.)
                      F.Marín                              (Univ.Murcia Sch.Med.)
                      S.Martínez                         (Inst.Neuroscience; Alicante)
                      J.L.Ferran                           (Univ.Murcia Sch.Med.)
                      Mª.A.Alonso                       (Univ.Murcia Sch.Med.)
             Puelles                        (Inst.Neuroscience; Alicante)
                      D.Echevarría                       (Inst.Neuroscience; Alicante)

Participant profile: Molecular biologists or neurobiologists doing pre- or postdoctoral research on brain development (preferably on the mouse). Eventually senior researchers.
Official duration: 40 hours (normally a bit less)

Aims of the course:
        Transmit theoretical fundaments and discuss problems of neuroembryological morphological interpretation.
        Give practical recommendations for bench work in this field (e.g., sectioning planes)
        Teach anatomical landmarks and the rationale orienting their interpretation in embryonic brain sections in the mouse.
        Provide preselected specimens, teaching materials and specific interpretive tasks to resolve.
        Attention to specific needs of the participants (they can bring their own materials).
        Provide personal interaction with experts in the field in a congenial setting.
        Have a good time and evade the cold.

Structure: See Program below.

Schedule: 28 - 30 Jan (10.00-14.00h and 16.00-18.00h, with coffee breaks)
              31 Jan (Sunday): joint excursion to spa resort and lunch

Price of the course: 300 Euros (covering tuition, materials, excursion and meal on Sunday). Places limited to 25.

Please address to Prof Luis Puelles at <> <>  expressions of interest (only via email), attaching short curriculum vitae and name, birthday date, passport number, full postal address, phone, fax,  email address of the candidate/s (please don't leave messages on my phone). Response will be immediate. The accepted candidates will receive information about travel, matriculation, bus connections, etc. Lodging can be reserved via internet (we recommend Hotel El Churra in Murcia if participants want to stay together, but there are other options).
The Course takes place at the School of Medicine (Univ.Murcia, Campus Espinardo), which lies 4-5 Km from the center of Murcia. There is a bus line to the campus ( <> ).

VII Course on Mouse NeuroMorphologic Development
University of Murcia, 28 January - 31 January, 2010.
Site:   Sala de Grados, School of Medicine
(Campus Espinardo)
          Sala de Prácticas de Biología
(right-side basement of School of Medicine)

Thursday 28 Jan
9.30-10.30 am          – L.Puelles : Welcome and introduction to the course:
            “On assumptions and the neural Bauplan”
 10.30-11.00 am                              Coffee break
11.00-12.30 am           - L.Puelles : Interpretation of sagittal sections.
 12.30-01.00 pm          - J.L.Ferrán : “Pretectal region”  
 1.00- 3.00 pm                                  Lunch
 3.00-  4.00 pm             - S.Martínez : “Zona limitans and regional diencephalic patterning:
                                                            thalamus and prethalamus”         
 4.00-  4.30 pm                                 Coffee break
4.30-  6.00 pm         Practical exercises in blocking to obtain defined section planes, and interpretation of sagittal sections
                                    (in Sala de Prácticas de Biología –Medicina).

Friday 29 Jan
   9.30-10.30 am          – L.Puelles : Interpretation of horizontal sections
 10.30-11.15 pm          - E. de Puelles : “Midbrain”

 11.15-11.45 am                             Coffee break
11.45-12.30 pm            - D. Echevarría : “Isthmic organizer”

  12.30 -1.00 pm             - A.Alonso : "Development of raphe nuclei"  
   1.00- 3.00 pm                                  Lunch
3.00-  4.00 pm             - F. Marín : "Hindbrain"            
 4.00-  4.30 pm             - P. Aroca : "Cell migrations involved in forming the interpeduncular nucleus"  
 4.30- 5.00 pm                                 Coffee break
5.00-  6.00 pm         Practical exercises in interpreting sagittal/horizontal sections.
                                              (in Sala de Prácticas de Biología –Medicina).

Saturday 30 Jan

 9.30-11.30 am          – L.Puelles : “Interpretation of transversal sections”
 11.30-12.00 am                                  Coffee break
12.00-1.00 pm           - L.Puelles : “Secondary prosencephalon and pallial subdivisions”       
 1.00- 3.00 pm                                       Lunch
3.00- 4.30 pm          - Practical exercises in interpreting transversal sections
                                              (in Sala de Prácticas de Biología –Medicina).
 4.30- 5.00 pm                                 Coffee break
5.00-  6.00 pm          - S.Martínez : “Interpreting altered mouse brain phenotypes”
6.00- 7.00 pm          - L.Puelles : “A comparative and critical glance at atlases of mouse or rat brain                                                                                                                                     development”               
Sunday 31 Jan

11.30 am                     Bus excursion to spa in Archena (approx. 1 hour in the water; remember to bring your                                                                                 swimsuit, etc.) and subsequent lunch at the Venta La Magdalena (Baños de Mula).
 Return to Murcia by 5.00-6.00 pm.
                                  rest: free until departure